Classic Eyelash Extensions 

The most natural set! Suitable for ladies who like a natural look or used to having mascara on. During this treatment one extension is applied to each natural lash.

This set looks perfect on clients who already have a lot of natural lashes but would like to add more length and curl to the natural lashes.

New Set (2hours) - 130CAD

2 weeks fill (45 min) - 60 CAD

3 weeks fill (1 hour) - 70CAD 

Glamorous Russian Volume Set (3D-4D) 

The most popular set!

This set of lashes is suitable for ladies who like a glamorous look and cannot imagine their life without putting couple coats of mascara on their lashes. During this treatment 3 and 4 artificial lashes are applied to each natural lash. If you like to wear make up every day then this set is exactly for you.

New Set (2.30 hours) - 200CAD

2 weeks fill (1 hour) - 85CAD

3 weeks fill (1.30 hours) - 100CAD

Light Volume Set (2D) 

The first level of volume extensions. This set still looks natural, while giving a little bit of a volume to your lashes.  During the application a mix 2D and 3D volume fans will be applied onto single natural lash. This set is perfect for those who are not happy with the number of natural lashes and would like to add some fullness and length while keeping a natural lash look.

New Set (2-2.30 hours) - 170CAD

2 weeks fill (1 hour) - 75CAD

3 weeks fill (1.30 hours) - 90CAD

Wispy or Kim K Glamorous Set (3D-4D) 

This set looks very glamorous.  Depending on your preference it can be made either dramatic or toned down to look more natural. During the application, your technician will mix 3D and 4D fans of different length and thickness to create a spiky look. 

New Set (2.30-2.45 hours)  - 220 CAD

2 weeks fill (1 hour) - 95 CAD

3 weeks fill (1.45 hours) - 120 CAD

Russian Mega Volume Set (5D+)

The darkest and lushest set of lashes in our studio! This treatment involves the application of 5 or more artificial lashes to each natural lash. This set is suitable for everyone who likes drama on their lashes.

New Set (2.30-3 hours) - 240CAD 

2 weeks fill (1 hour) - 105 CAD

3 weeks fill (1.45 hours) - 130 CAD

Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint

The best alternative to eyelash extensions is Lash Lift! Get ​perfectly curled lashes and more definition with Elleebana Lift and Belmacil Tint. Absolutely safe, this procedure takes up to 45 minutes and your lashes stay curled up to 6 weeks. 

Lift and Tint - 85 CAD 

Eyelash Extensions Removal - 30CAD

If you want to remove the old eyelash extensions or just want a fresh set of eyelashes, this treatment is something to consider.

  • Your lashes will be properly cleaned and prepped.

  • A special glue-dissolving solution will be applied to the extensions, left to process and then carefully removed.

  • Once ready, old lashes are carefully removed ensuring your natural lashes are not harmed.

Fills from other Studios - Add 40CAD to your service 

While we are happy to provide you with infill service from other technicians, please keep in mind, that we cannot give any warranties on the work of other technicians. If it is not possible to provide a touch-up service due to poor quality of previous work or if the current extensions give discomfort to you, we are happy to provide a removal procedure. 


We have a 48 hours cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel your appointment, please notify us (via email, text message or phone call) at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund your deposit for cancellations within 48 hours of your appointment or a cancellation fee of 50% will apply.


Please aim to arrive a couple of minutes before your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive later than the scheduled time, we will try to do our best to perform a procedure within the time left, however, you will still have to pay for the appointment in full.

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